The President of the Federal Government Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, held a meeting with the 7th President, Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, on July 4, 2023. This meeting marked the second encounter between them in two weeks, taking place in Mogadishu.

 As per the statement from Villa Somalia, the meeting served the purpose of providing a comprehensive briefing on the general situation of the country and updating on the government’s ongoing efforts in the fight against Al-Shabaab. However, this meeting was widely perceived as having minimal significance, often regarded as a normal meeting between the incumbent President and a former President.

However, after few hours, Sharif released a brief statement clarifying that the meeting served as a preliminary discussion, setting the stage for broader conversations with politicians who have expressed their opposition to the National Consultative Council’s Agreement reached in Baidoa, aimed to establish a new system of governance. 

Sharif had intended to dispel any notions that the meeting was motivated by personal interests or he joined the government’s efforts to combat Al-Shabaab. Rather, he sought to establish himself as a serious opposition politician by utilizing the platform to critique the government’s management system.

In this report, Mogadishu24 delves into Sheikh Sharif’s decisions, plans, and the outcomes of his activities.

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